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Thinking of Mothers this Mother’s Day

Velvet Coat

I wanted to post this picture of a velvet coat with silk lining that a customer recently brought in for cleaning. She said it was worn by her mother’s great-grandmother, and so, it was over 100 years old! It was the first time that she was getting it cleaned since inheriting it. It’s truly awe-inspiring for me to think that such a garment with sentimental value could be passed down so gently from generation to generation. I know that I tend to keep a lot of items myself. I kept certain toys and dresses my younger sister wore 25-30 years ago and had my own daughter wear the dresses. It just made it that much more special knowing that she was wearing something that her aunt wore so many decades ago.

This Mother’s Day, as I reflect on all the joys and fond memories of motherhood, I thought I would post this special coat as a reflection and Ode to Mothers everywhere that make lives valuable and special. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all mothers!