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Original Jean Hem

So many people have asked: “What is the difference between a Regular Hem and an Original Hem?” And the answer is quite simple. When jeans were hemmed the old fashioned way, they were measured, cut, folded and sewn. Today, in the world of trendy fashions and often-times ridiculously expensive designer jeans, people opt to have the orignal hem with frayed edges removed and re-attached to the bottom.

Original Hem by many other Seamstresses

Caveat: There are some tailors/seamstresses who perform a “fake” original hem where they simply cut the entire bottom portion and sew it behind the new hemline. The results are not clearly visible from the outside, but when you flip over the jeans, it is very noticeable and not appealing aesthetically. This creates unnecessary extra fabric. Not so with our experienced staff. We perform the REAL original hem. See for yourselves…

Our Original Hem (inside view)

Our Original Hem (outside view)