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Community of Families, Community of Love

As Valentine’s Day approaches this year, I was reflecting about the different types of love that we share with others and especially of our customers who loyally support us. Through the years (9 and counting), we have seen children grow, dating couples marry, children born, as well as the heartbreaks of death and divorce and we feel so fortunate to be part of all these important milestones in the lives of our loyal customers. It is truly a special privilege to be part of someone’s life – to be able to share the laughter, joys, sadness and struggles with someone… I feel our customers are an extended part of our core family. Many of my customers have become friends too that I have lunches and coffee with.  When they move out of the area or state, we often continue to stay in contact. Connecting with others on an interpersonal level above and beyond just a professional one is an amazing gift and brings me deep joy.

A heartfelt THANK YOU and WE LOVE YOU to all our loyal customers for all your LOVE and SUPPORT. You are the true connecting fibers of this business and we are always so grateful. =D