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Q: You offer same day service but why do my clothes usually take 2-3 days to be done?

A: Each time we run a load in our 50 pound capacity machine, we separate the clothes according to fabric, color, and level of cleaning needed. In order to avoid possibly damaging the machine, we try to fill a half-load for efficiency. If you truly need same day service, please have it in before 10 A.M. and we can ensure that it will be done by that afternoon.

Q: Why is there a price difference between men’s clothing and women’s?

A: Men’s clothing tend to be simpler in design and therefore easier to clean and press. Women’s clothes are generally more elaborate, delicate, and takes longer to press. For example, when we dry clean a blouse, we may have to wrap each individual button with foil to prevent damage, then separate the item into a different mesh bag (i.e. silk), and then hand press the entire blouse.

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