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2011 Clean Show

(Las Vegas, NV) June 06 ~ June 09, 2011

The 2011 Clean Show was a 4-day event, held at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The show housed a host of dry cleaning and laundry related equipment and accoutrements in a huge warehouse-type setting.

James and I, along with our other colleagues, were invited by Mr. Hans Kim, the Guru of Professional Wet Cleaning, to attend and to share our personal experiences. Of course, we were ecstatic about sharing our experiences with Miele and Veit with others since we switched to Wet Cleaning three years ago. Our experience has been nothing short of fantastic, especially because of the great machines that are a product of wonderful German engineering!


Representatives from many other companies came with notebooks in hand to gain insight and to ask us questions about Wet Cleaning! The Convention Center was packed with people from all parts of the world, Sri Lanka, South Africa, France, Germany, Korea, Japan, Chile, just to name a few. To all those who claimed that Professional Wet Cleaning did not work, well, I think the hundreds of thousands of garments being cleaned in the State of California alone proves on a daily basis that such beliefs are inaccurate!  I believe that Professional Wet Cleaning is the inevitable and undeniable future of the Garment Care Industry. A decade ago, the question may have been: “Does Wet Cleaning work?” but such a question today is indicative of one who has not kept up with the changes of time and the advent of greater technology.  The question that garment care experts should ask today is: “Can I be a successful Wet Cleaner?”


Participating in this year’s Clean Show was a great learning experience and an opportunity to see firsthand all of the fascinating finishing equipment out there in the market today. Thank goodness there will no longer be any more Perc dry cleaning machines cluttering our environment and causing so many harmful effects.  I would have to say that Hydrocarbon (petroleum) is also not so far down the line on the list of technologies and/or processes that need to be removed in order to promote a more clean and green environment. Hopefully, soon!

The next Clean Show will be in New Orleans in 2013. I am really excited to see how far advanced Wet Cleaning will be in just a few more years. Looking back, even three years ago, when we converted to Wet Cleaning, it was hard for people to imagine that it would be such a success.  We are so proud to be a part of the movement towards Wet Cleaning and are proud of the others who were open-minded and able to see the possibilities of what Wet Cleaning could become and all the benefits it would provide for consumers as well as business owners. With the FTC currently reviewing the ever growing demand (and need) to include “Wet Clean Only” to garment care labels, these are surely exciting times!